10 Most Powerful Superheroes in Marvel (MCU)

They might have begun their journey from 2008’s IronMan but the idea was already prepared for future. We know Marvel loves to connect their universe in some unexpected way but with ease. They are always known for their storytelling. If the story and character go well then we need to find out who is the best among. So here is the list of Superheroes who have fought on earth and have appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe till now.

10) Captain America

Steve Rogers is amongst the founding members of the Avengers, but still, he deserves this position. Basically, he has great speed, resistant to aging, strength. He can also offense as well as the defense by using his shield which is made up of Vibranium. He has also defeated Bucky and Crossbones in hand to hand combat. If there is a fight with Falcon or Black Panther, then he could also defeat them both due to his shield. But if it comes to other Avengers then he can’t be that good with them.

9) Ant-Man

Scott Lang can easily defeat both Captain America and War Machine. Ant-man’s suit is considered among the most powerful suits, as it gives his medium level strength. And also due to this suit, it is very difficult to defeat him in hand to hand combat. Also, his suit allows him to shrink to a very small size or to a giant man. When he becomes a giant man then it is very difficult to defeat him.

8) Spider-Man

Peter Parker has radioactively enhanced strength even more than Bucky and Captain America. Also, he has speed and spider sense which helps him in both offense and defense. He has already defeated Bucky and Falcon in the Civil War single handed. His spider abilities give him powers like climbing the wall, jumping and his web gives him special ability to swing.

7) Black Panther

As chieftain T’Challa, the Panther is entitled to eat a special heart-shaped herb which, in addition to his mystical, shamanistic connection with the Wakandan Panther God Bast, grants him superhumanly acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes. These special powers make him one among the top marvel superhero.

6) Hulk

For Bruce Banner, It is very tough to keep him in this position because he is literally the size of a mountain. No doubt he has super strength and also his size, but if we compare him to Iron Man or Thor he can’t take them.

5) Thor

As we know that Thor has defeated Hulk. Odin’s Son doesn’t have an armor but he himself has super strength also he is the God of thunder. He doesn’t need a suit or an armor because his body is not less than an armor. He also gave a tough fight to Iron-man and Hulk.

4) Iron-Man

Tony Stark is not only a man in the Ironman suit but also his intelligence. He is amongst the most intelligent people in the Marvel. He has Hulk buster for Hulk also he has a full army called Iron-legends. Then his armor makes him more powerful in the list. He regularly improves and modifies his suit with time.

3) Vision

As we know Vision can lift the hammer of Thor and he has an Infinity stone on his head. Vision has super strength, he can Fly, also he can change his density as well. We can’t neglect the fact that his body is made up from Vibranium. Also, his mind stone gives him special abilities.

2) Scarlet Witch

In Civil War, we have seen Wanda Maximoff defeating Vision quit easily. We can see him doing telekinesis she can even fly. She also takes people to their greatest fears, which is very dangerous. We have seen her doing that in the Age of Ultron and defeating all of the superheroes single-handedly.

1) Doctor Strange

The Sorcerous Supreme (Dr. Stephen Strange) is in the first position, and this is because he can literally do anything. His abilities include creating a shield (to defend), portals (which can take us to any place in the universe), he can take his soul out from his body, he can go to the mirror dimension. And he is a master of magic with a time stone with him. With all these abilities he remains the strongest Super Hero in the MCU.