5 steps to speed up your pcs and laptops

Are You Tired with Your Slow PC or Laptop

So here are some useful steps:

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1) Uninstall unwanted applications

          Uninstalling unwanted applications increases your RAM Space and the working of your PC becomes light and more efficient.
          To uninstall unwanted applications go
My Computer > Control Panel > Desired App > Uninstall.


Settings > System > Apps & Features > App > UninstallImage result for how to uninstall app in windows 10
here you can uninstall those application.

2) Keeping antivirus up to date

        You spend money on buying expensive Anti-Viruses but what if it is not up to date, these application are getting updates everyday for better performance.

        So keeping your antivirus up to date makes your PC or laptop more faster. To update antivirus go to the antivirus application and update the app there.

3) Updating the operating system

       The operating system you are having brings regular updates for your system so do update your laptop and PC operating system. The new updates fastens up your PC or laptop also it removes the bugs in your PC and laptops.
       For updating the PC or laptop go to the Control Panel > Updates > Install update.

4) Cleaning your system

        Cleaning your system also add a helping hands for the better speed of your PC or laptops. There are many junk files and temporary files in your system which is continuously decreases your PC or laptops speed.
For cleaning your PC type Windows + R > type “temp“ok < delete the files, similarly do for “recent”  “%temp%”  “prefetch” and clean those files from your system permanently.
Image result for windows + r  Image result for windows + r

Similarly Type “temp” “%temp%”  “prefetch“.

5) Optimizing your PC

      Optimizing your PC and laptops increase the speed of your system. But keep in mind optimizing process takes a lot of time so keep patient and optimize your PC. You can do manually or  by using cleaning apps like c-cleaner etc.

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To manually optimize your PC or laptops go to
My Computer <  right click on C-drive < Properties < Tools.
Here you can find optimizing tools you can do it here.
      I hope the information given above will help you speed your PC and laptop 
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