Artificial Intelligence – The new future technology of the world

Artificial Intelligence

The humanoid robot or Artificial intelligence is the new thing if talk in the technology world. So let’s discuss everything about AL right from it’s concept, future and role. This technology will play an important role this technology will play in our day to day life and it’s negative impact on employment.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

1956 witnessed the coining if the term AI, by american computer scientist John McCarthy. This umbrella term today encompasses things right from robotic process automation to actual robotics. Of late, it has gained importance due to big data and the increase in size, speed and data that businesses collect. AI can perform various tasks more efficiently, from identifying patterns in data to speech recognition to problem solving. Thus, helping businesses gain more insight. In short AI will create a self working machine in the near future and they will act like humans.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Having become an essential part of technology today. AI includes programming computers for traits such as knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving, learning, perception, planning and the ability to manipulate and move objects. AL plays huge role in the health care for diagnosis fast and cheap, done without having any actual doctors. It is quite a significant application in countries like India. AI could also be handy in crop guidance or crop management. Crores of data points of farmlands images can be looked upon and within few seconds an analysis could be made as to whether the area is suitable for crop planting or not, how much water is needed, what kind of crops would be right and then the information can be used to advise the farmer. Hence, AI is quit impact-full for applications of this nature.

Artificial Intelligence

The Role Of AI In India

AI is a luxury, and the possibilities it has in solving problems in India is immense. Thanks to the increasingly digital economy, fueled by improving education and globalization. The Indian consumer is unknowingly the countries biggest beneficiary of recent advances in AI. From utilizing various applications powered by AI for using a range of online services such as Amazon Marketplace and Netflix. It learn from consumers online behavior to make intelligent products service recommendations.

AI Effect On Employment

In the age of automation it is no secrete that AI will impact on employment negatively. As many companies have already started automation process companies. In 2015, Foxconn made news when its chief executive Terry predicted 70 percent of all manufacturing  automated with robots displacing humans.


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