Himanshu Patel – The Man behind Punsari

Punsari is one of the High Tech villages of India, with all the amenities of a city but it was not always the best. Know how the efforts of one man changed the village in the past few years.

Himanshu Patel

He was born and brought up in Punsari village in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat and after schooling, his family shifted to a nearby town for his higher education.Image result for himanshu patel punsari

In the village, there was no electricity, no water system and law and order were almost out of control. Himanshu completed his graduation. The situation had been worse. Many families had migrated from the village, the village Panchayat was carrying a loss of Rs 1.2 lakh and thee were 328 families below poverty line living there.

Himanshu realized the only way to bring about change was to hold a dominant position in the village. After finishing his graduation, he contested in the Gram Panchayat elections of Punsari in 2006 and became the youngest Sarpanch of Punsari at the age of 22. The first step that Himanshu took to improve the village was to build trust among the villagers. He tried to understand the priorities of the villagers and what they wanted.

Punsari: A model Indian High Tech Village

In the first three years of his tenure, he took care of all the basic needs of the villagers. He started applying for schemes Punsari: A model Indian High Tech village efficiently and adjoined new schemes too. Within two years (By 2008). The village has electricity and street lights.

Furthermore, it has water distribution system in addition developed roads and a toilet built at every house of the village. But Himanshu had imagined much more than just basic amenities for his village. He wanted to get all the facilities available in a city to Punsari – while keeping the soul of the village intact. In 2009, Himanshu installed 12 speakers across the village to communicate with the villagers. The Speakers connected to Gram Panchayat office from where he announces government schemes that help villagers.


He hired a waste collecting van, which gathers waste and transfers it to renewable waste plant. The village has its own Wifi connectivity. The villagers can get 30 Mbps data by registering themselves at the panchayat for Rs 50 per month. CCTV cameras installed at various places like classrooms and offices. Its footage can be viewed by an app. He has completed his 10 – year tenure as the Sarpanch of this High Tech village recently. He continues his legacy he has trained 100 youngsters, who will contest for the Panchayat elections