Interesting Details About the Origin of Glue


It is also known as adhesive and paste. It is a semi-solid or liquid that is used to stick two things together. One of the earliest known uses of it, dating back thousands of years BC, was to stick stone to a wood with birch bark tar to create a spear. It is so common that most man-made items use glue. There are of many types like pressure sensitive adhesive, hot glue, and the most popular drying glue, etc.

We may not make direct use of adhesives every day, but it is an important component for many common manufactures who involves in items books, envelopes, supermarket packaging, and even cheap sneakers benefit from this invention. Although in recent decade chemists have provided us with Super Glue substances which is phenomenally strong that the user is warned to take extreme care –naturally occurring alternatives such as BeesWax and Tree Sap has been used for much longer.

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Ancient tribes and their various glues

In the burial sites of ancient tribes, archeologists have discovered pottery vessels whose cracks had been mended with plant saps. This tar-like glue was also applied ton Babylonian states that had eyeball glued into their corresponding sockets. Egyptian carving from more than 3,000 years ago portrays the adhesion of veneer to Sycamore. In Northern Europe, clay pots have been repaired with a glue, deriving from birch bark tar.

The Ancient Egyptians also developed their adhesive made from animals, a technique used by Romans and Greek. The Romans subsequently made various types of adhesive substance using natural ingredients such as vegetables, milk, cheese, and blood. They were the first to use tar and beeswax to fill the seams of their ships.

Random Details

It is often applied to objects by using brushes, rollers, pellets, spray guns, or applicator guns. Heat and sunlight can sometimes weaken its adhesive properties. It is estimated that on average, each American uses 18.2 kg (40 pounds) of adhesive each year. Many things have been used to created glue, including animal products, plant material and in the modern age chemicals. In 2019, it is estimated that the adhesive market turnover worldwide will be approximately US $50 Billion.

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