Interesting facts about Lord Ganesha

Names of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha has more than 108 names some of them are (Vinayaka, Ganpati, Ganesha, Ekdant, Gajanan, Lambodar ). He is the best known God for Hindus not only in India but all over the world. As Hindus can be found in different parts of the world like Sri LankaThailand, and Nepal, etc worshiping him is extended to other religions too like Jain and Buddhists.


He is also known as Vighnaharta (means remover of obstacles ). He is remembered when something new is to be started. As he is known to provide power, intellect, wisdom and remove all challenges from one’s life. As God of beginning, he is honored at beginning of every rites and ceremony. The principal scriptures related to Ganesh are Ganesha Purana, Mudgala Purana, Ganapati Atharvashirsa. Brahma Puran and Brahmanda Purana are other two Puranic genre encyclopedic texts that deal with Ganesha.


He belongs to the family of Lord Shiva (the Hindu God of destruction ) and Goddess Parvati (the Hindu Goddess of fertility and love). His brother Lord Kartik (the Hindu God of War and Victory) and has two sisters Goddess Lakshmi (the Hindu Goddess of wealth) and Goddess Saraswati (the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge). He has two wives Riddhi (the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity) and Siddhi (the Hindu Goddess of Enlightenment) and had two sons Subha (the Hindu Goddess of Auspiciousness) from Ridhhi and Labha(the Hindu Goddess of Profit) from Sidhhi.

Mythologies of birth

Lord Ganesha is represented with the Head of an elephant. Ganesha’s elephant head has many mythological stories. The most famous among them is beheaded story. In that story, he was created by Goddess Parvati with clay to guard her. But in a battle between Ganesha and Lord Shiva beheaded him (Lord Ganesha). When Ganesha didn’t allow him (Lord Shiva) to meet Goddess Parvati. Then Lord Shiva replaced the original head with an elephants head.

He is also known by ekdant. As his one of the teeth broke in a battle with Sage Parshuram in an argument with the moon. He also had a vehicle(vahana) a mouse it has also many mythological stories for why his vehicle is a mouse. But in some Jain depictions, he is also shown with various vahana as mouse, elephant, tortoise. But among all vehicles mouse is considered to be the first on according to Matsya Purana. He had written the great epic Mahabharat, it is believed that Saga Ved Vyasa narrated him the Mahabharat.