Interesting Facts About RMS Titanic

We all know about the story of it sank into the ocean. But we never knew about it rather than by the movie Titanic, as there are many facts which were neglected by the movie makers.

On 14th April 1912 at 11:40 pm RMS Titanic met with an accident. It was 882 ft and 9 inches long, 175 ft tall with a volume of 46328 ton. It had four massive smoke stakes weighing 60 tons each and was 81.5 ft above the deck. The smoke stakes were inclined at 30 degrees which looked stunning. Constructing cost was around $7.5M which are around $166M at the current rates (2018). It was even cheaper than the movie based on it, which cost around $200M.


Around 3000 men worked for 26 months to construct the huge RMS Titanic. 8 people died & 246 people injured during the construction of it. More than 1500 people lost there lives with the sank off it. The interior was based on the Ritz Hotel, London.

The facilities for the first class passengers included a swimming pool with heated water, a Turkish bath, a gym, also a saloon. They had their own newspaper called the Atlantic Daily Bulletin. Also, there was a place for the dogs of the first class passengers. The dogs were taken care, feed and even trained. They had 13 courses of a meal for the first class each with its own wine. There were 1500 bottles of wine, 20000 bottles of beer and 8000 cigars, etc.

Lies About Titanic Sank:

It was told a lie that the reason for the sinking was the huge iceberg. The real reason behind the sinking of the ship was not Iceberg but fire. In recent discoveries, a 30 ft long black spot on the ship was found. There was a fire in the Titanic which made the hole. In an old album of it, it was noticed by a journalist studying about the sank. The metal afterward used was of bad quality and was painted such that it was not visible easily. The management knew about the hole. But due to so much of money involved in the building of the Titanic they were helpless. All the tickets were sold because everyone wanted to travel in the worlds biggest ship.

Those days they didn’t have SONAR system so they have to use binoculars for long distance watch. But the binoculars were locked down in a room. The person caring about that room was replaced at the last minute. And was unable to handover the key to the officer.

Another reason was the speed of the Titanic, as it was running behind schedule which was not good for the reputation. Their pilot made mistake and ordered to speed up and the speed was more than what it was designed for. A huge negligence was made with the lifeboats. It needed 60 lifeboats for all the passengers on the Titanic. But only 48 lifeboats were approved by the chief engineer later it was reduced to 20 as the deck looked more crowded. As the Titanic was sinking they made many danger signals, but nobody responded to the danger signals.