Theory planet X that it will destroy the earth ?

What is Planet X?

Planet X is the 10th planet of our solar system if we take in account the planet Pluto. This is the reason for its name planet X. Among Many Conspiracy theories, the theory of planet X is most common.

  • Planet X is known as the Planet Of Gods, Creators etc. But if we believe these conspiracy theories than the year 2017 is going to be the end of life and civilization on Earth.
  • This mysterious planet is known as NIBIRU. There is a conspiracy theory that this planet, which allegedly orbits the sun every 3600 years, will soon pass the Earth with mass destruction.
  • In the January NASA announced the discovery of a hypothetical 10 planet.
  • It is 10 X the mass of the Earth.
  • Although many space organization has denied the fact that the NIBIRU theory is a hoax.
  • The theory first came in existent in the year 1995 by Nancy Lieder/ founder of the website ZetaTalk.
  • After him, the first person to propagate her idea was Mark Hazlewood.
  • He was a former member of ZetaTalk community.
  • Also, he published a book Blindsided.
  • Also, author David Meade claims that a dark planet which is the Planet X or Nibiru.
  • It is about to enter the solar system, and it will collide with earth. According to David, the increase in the volcanic eruption, earthquakes, sinkholes, and storms are the proof of the major destruction.
  • Also, Mr. David Meade also refuses the Darvin theory of evolution.
  • So please don’t start building an anti-planetary bunker near your house.


We don’t claim any of these conspiracy theories about the mysterious planet X. There is no any evidence for the existence of the mysterious object from the internet conspiracies theories about this Planet. Because we believe till we are alive, the Earth will function as it does without any problem. One can take these theories on their personal interest.