Time Travel Theories – Possible or Just a Dream..?

Time travel is really an interesting element of science. As we start thinking about time travel we think about some stuff which could take us to either past or in future. Sounds interesting right, but it is not that simple to travel in time. This time travel could be sometimes very dangerous too. One of the great scientist Albert Einstein proposed the theory of relativity. According to this theory, one can travel in time it can travel faster than light. So According to this theory if you travel faster than light than your time slows down. And you actually travel in future when you stop. But practically it is not possible to travel faster than the speed of light. Maybe someday this could be possible.

Possible Ways Of Time Travel

According to many scientific theories, time travel is possible. The possible ways of time travel are:-

Travel faster than light

As we discussed before that traveling faster than light is still not possible. Since our fastest aircraft are even not near to the speed of light. But maybe someday it may become possible and we could travel in time. Let us take an example if we consider having an aircraft which can travel faster than light. And we are sitting inside the aircraft and it starts rotating around the Earth. So, when you will cover whole 1 year inside the aircraft then the Earth will cover about 65 years. And when you will stop you will see the future. Isn’t that interesting and mind blowing!!!

Worm Hole

The general relativity theory allows us to travel in time. The worms hole are existing there but smaller than an atom. The only need is to find one wormhole and increase its size for humans. It needs a tremendous amount of energy to create such a bridge. It is considered that the energy is equivalent to the energy required to power a city. As it is not possible yet because it has been theoretically possible. But there are no proofs of implementation of this theory. So it could be possible in the near future if a wormhole of bigger size appears naturally

Black Hole

As we all know that a black hole is very dangerous and can destroy even a solar system. So how can it be possible to get near the black hole or travel in time?

The concept of black hole and time travel is totally based on gravitational force. For example, we take 2 planets A and B. The planets have a difference in their masses and gravitational force. This creates a relative time difference between the two. The time on the planet with more gravitation will pass faster. The same thing happens with the black hole, it is a huge pool of gravitation. So spending time near a black hole will take you to the future. Because the time is running at much faster speed than any other place in the world.

Facts Related To Time Travel

The Grand Father Paradox

According to this Paradox if a person travels in the past and kills his own grandfather and comes back to his timeline then what will happen? Will the person be there or his existence will disappear? This is called Grandfather Paradox. But some scientist believes that he will not return to his timeline. But he will return to a parallel universe of the same timeline.

Parallel universe

Parallel universe is considered as a similar universe but with some changes. It is very interesting and minds hunting concept. According to this theory when we take a decision it splits into different parallel universes. Like if someone chooses to become an engineer, but maybe you could choose to be a doctor in the parallel universe at the same time. So due to this decision, two parallel universe is created. Similarly, at every possible decision, you take you to create a parallel universe.