Types of Hackers in the Digital World

When we hear the word Hackers we imagine some cyber securities which someone is trying to break. But does it really mean that, a thief or robber..?? No, it doesn’t. Then what does mean? A hacker is someone who finds a weakness in a computer or a network system to gain or find access. They are highly skilled people who use computer programs and their security knowledge to do that. But not all the hackers are illegal or bad. There are some hackers or type of hacking which is legal. On the basis of that,

We have the types of hackers:

  1. Ethical Hackers (White Hat)
  2. Cracker (Black Hat)
  3. Grey Hat
  4. Green Hat
  5. Red Hat
  6. Blue Hat
  7. Script Kiddie

Types of Hackers

Ethical Hackers (White Hat)

An ethical hacker is someone who spent a lot of time on computer learning Languages, Codes etc. Basically, they are master in hacking but in good sense means the good guys of the Hacking world. They are basically assigned to stop the bad guys from Hacking. Also, they are degree holders from colleges in hacking and want to work in IT security. Their work is to provide security for different Private Companies and Government agencies. Their work is to secure the data of the company or agency. This is done by reducing the loopholes in the computer or computer network. They also help people get rid of viruses, malware, or troubleshooting etc. They can learn a lot of money by hacking Banks account, Passwords, or by accessing classified documents of companies, but they chose to be good.

Cracker (Black Hat)

As like the Ethical Hackers they also are doing the same learning the different computer languages codes etc. Also, they are to masters of the hacking techniques just like the white hat hackers. In short, they are the bad guys in the hacking world. They are the among the reasons why the ethical hackers are working. Their work is found loopholes in a computer or a computer network to access their data. He does this for their personal profit or is assigned to do it. They hack bank accounts, password and all kind of classified data of a company or agency. Also, they upload viruses and malware in the systems to either hack them or the make the system weak. All these activities are illegal and can rest them in jail for rest of their life.

Grey Hat

The grey hat hackers the between these two types hacker, white hat hackers and black hat hackers. They are skillful people masters in the world of hacking. But they don’t cause any loss to the person. They hack the computers or network but they don’t steal any data or classifies files. They just do this for interest like they will hack someone says account but will not cause any harm to the account. This type of hackers is known as grey hat hackers. They may be an employee of a reputed company working for the security the company. But they also handle a different face of by hacking different things.

Green, Red, Blue Hat Hackers & Script Kiddie:

Script kiddies are the unskilled hacker who follows steps or trying to hack. Basically, they are the initial of hacking. They copy codes or use software for hacking and making viruses.

Green hat are the one with the curiosity to learn to hack. when by asking a question there curiosity is fulfilled they stop.

Blue hat don’t care about hacking, but they are activated by a sense of revenge. Just like the script kiddies, they don’t have a desire to learn or to perform.

Red hat are the white hat hackers who perform activities to catch the hacker. but they don’t take steps to stop them instead they upload viruses to destroy their computer. In short, they bond them to take a new computer or system.

Disclaimer-  All of the above information is for educational purpose. The site and author don’t take any responsibility for it. So readers do take account of that before doing anything.